Registered Agent


In a nutshell, a registered agent (also called a statutory agent, resident agent, agent for service of process, or RA) is an individual or entity appointed to receive official notice for a business if they are ever a party in a legal action, like a court summons or lawsuit. The delivery of these official court documents is called service of process (SOP).

Businesses in almost every state are required to have a registered agent on file with an in-state physical address who will be available at that address to accept service of process year-round during normal business hours—a hefty, time-consuming responsibility.

In many cases, the registered agent will also receive official mail from the state, such as tax and reporting notices.



By choosing IncBig, you can trust you'll have an experienced registered agent to...

     • Be available year-round during required business hours to accept SOP and other legal documents for your company

     • Confirm you’re in good standing with the state each year and promptly notify you of any concerns

     • Locally scan SOP and any other urgent documentation into your account upon receipt

     • Provide prompt email notification that SOP has been received

     • Provide secure, 24/7 online access to your SOP

     • Provide annual report filing reminders approximately 45 days before your due date



Running a business is hard work, but you can make it easier by choosing an experienced registered agent who will...

     • Help preserve your right to due process and protect you from losing a lawsuit by default

     • Always be available during required business hours to receive SOP for your business and notify you ASAP

     • Save you the embarrassment of being served legal papers in front of customers and employees

     • Ensure you never miss an SOP or important legal notice

     • Help keep you in good standing 

     • Help you avoid the fines and penalties from not having a registered agent or having a missed/poorly handled SOP

     • Provide a consistent street address for SOP even if your business changes location

     • Ease the burden of junk mail—seriously, some states sell registered agent addresses, so they get A LOT of junk mail

     • Give you the freedom to leave the office to take care of other business, or even (gasp!) take a vacation

     • Help keep your personal address private (in states that don’t require it to be disclosed elsewhere)



Our registered agent service is $139 annually, and if ordered with any of our incorporation packages, the first YEAR is included for FREE!

If you're switching your registered agent to us for an existing business, your state may charge a fee to file the registered agent change. After you've placed your order, we'll confirm any necessary state fees (many states are free) and notify you if there will be an additional charge.

Please note: When using our registered agent service, the address cannot be used as your business address or as a general mailing address. The registered agent address is for service of process and legal mail/official notices from the state. If other personal or business mail is sent to the registered agent address, additional charges may apply.

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