• I already feel like we're friends, so...do I really have to pay in advance?

    State fees and other processing costs usually far exceed our service fees, so no matter how much we like you (which is A LOT, btw), we need full payment up front to make sure we can cover all of the necessary costs to process your order.

  • Do I have to sign anything?

    Well...maybe. We’ll take care of signing as incorporator or organizer on your formation documents, but we do require signatures for our EIN service, and we may need one in other rare circumstances, depending on your specific order details. In most of those cases, you can easily sign electronically on our site.

  • Will I have to pay additional fees to your company after I place my order?

    Not if we can help it! We work super hard to make sure you have an accurate total before you complete your order, even if you’re in one of the many states with variable incorporation fees.

    We’ve built special calculators into our incorporating system, BrightDocsSM, to let you know in real time if one of your answers triggers an increased state fee—this helps avoid unnecessary filing delays and unwelcome requests for more money after you place your order.

    That said, we won't make false promises that it could never ever happen. In the rare case that additional funds are needed after you’ve placed your order, we’ll let you know about it immediately so we can get everything resolved as quickly as possible. Trust us—we want to avoid that whole scenario as much as you do.

  • When will you process my order?

    We start processing every order with TLC within one business day. Rush orders get moved to the front of the line so they can get their TLC ASAP.

  • How long until my order is complete?

    Processing times can vary depending on which package, products and/or services you order. Filing times for incorporations also vary from state to state, so we show you the current rush and routine processing options for your state when you place your order, letting you choose which timeframe will work best for you. After that, we'll keep you posted along the way, so you never have to wonder when your order will be complete.

  • What happens if I need to change my information after my order is submitted? And will there be a fee to do it?

    Please email us at orders@incbig.com as soon as you know you need to make a change. We’ll do our very best to make it happen, but depending on where your order is in the process, it may not be possible.

    In most cases, there won't be a charge to update your order information, but if your change request requires us to do some real hoop-jumping, we may charge a small service fee in addition to any extra costs we may incur on your behalf to make the change. Don't worry—we'll give you a heads up about any additional cost to you before we start jumping.