Business License Research


Our Business License Research tells you exactly which licenses and permits your business is required to have and exactly where and how to file them. Think of it as your business license compliance roadmap.

But let’s back up a second and address the basics – a business license is an approval or permit issued by a government agency that allows your business to operate within a specific jurisdiction. These requirements are separate from the incorporation of a business at the state level.

The specific licenses your business is required to have will be affected by things like your business industry, where you’re located, the services and/or products you sell, and whether or not you have employees.



Our Business License Research package includes…

     • Research to find every license and permit your business needs at the federal, state, county, and municipal level

     • Each of the required license, permit, and tax registration forms you’ll need to file

     • An easy-to-read report with step-by-step filing instructions, addresses, and current jurisdiction fees



Incorporated or not, almost every business needs some kind of license or permit to operate legally.

Not to get all doomsday-ish on you, but government agencies can fine or shut down a business operating without required licenses, even for a first-time offense. That can result in lost revenue, damage to your reputation, and even put you at risk for lawsuits. That’s pretty hard core, so, yeah…we recommend taking your business license requirements very seriously.

Unfortunately, figuring out those requirements isn’t always simple. Even a small home-based business may require licenses and permits from a variety of government agencies. Not cool, right?



We’ll take care of your Business License Research for just $99! When we’re done, we’ll send you everything you'll need to meet your specific business license requirements.


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